Hackett Ltd is a multi-channel menswear retailer, specializing in formal men’s shirts as well as other clothing.

Hackett is a brand that has an authenticity and integrity that belies its years, putting the British signature on all of its products, using natural fibers from British islands for its creations

Closely linked with the polo world, Hackett has gained an unprecedented success, making the brand a key player of British fashion.

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Kerkstraat 62 - 9160 Lokeren
T 09/346.64.34

T 0477/69 48 92

BE 0865.087.570


Maandag tot vrijdag: 14u00 - 18u30
Zaterdag doorlopend: 10u00 - 18u00
Elke 1ste zondag v/d maand open: 11u00 - 17u00

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Maandag tot vrijdag: 10u - 13u & 18u30 - 21u
Zondag: 11u00 - 17u00  (met uitzondering v/d 1ste zondag v/d maand)



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