Evolving from Swedish craftsmanship and attention to detail, Eton is today a global leading shirt maker and can be found in 49 markets at some of the world's most exclusive stores.

Eton provides for Premium Quality fabrics and long lasting garments; working close with their suppliers enable to innovate fine shirting and create unique shirts and accessories

Eton creates diverse and versatile shirts for any occasion in life. From business and formal events to your day off – there’s always an Eton shirt to look good in.

Agua Con Gas

Kerkstraat 62 - 9160 Lokeren
T 09/346.64.34

T 0477/69 48 92

BE 0865.087.570


Maandag tot vrijdag: 14u00 - 18u30
Zaterdag doorlopend: 10u00 - 18u00
Elke 1ste zondag v/d maand open: 11u00 - 17u00

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Maandag tot vrijdag: 10u - 13u & 18u30 - 21u
Zondag: 11u00 - 17u00  (met uitzondering v/d 1ste zondag v/d maand)



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